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Film Production

Photo of Don McCullin by Jeff Ascough

How to win friends and influence people

Don McCullin is one of the towering figures in photojournalism. He’s also famous for being wedded to traditional ways of working. So it was a tribute both to our connections and our powers of persuasion, that he agreed to make a special documentary for Canon, going well outside his comfort zone to explore digital photography for the first time. The film was conceived and produced by Red Dot and, right now, it’s had over 80,000 views on YouTube and the CPN website.

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Creating the right platform for an event

Jean Luc Godard has been one of the most influential film makers in the history of cinema. So when we found out that he was not only going to be shooting his latest film with Canon equipment, but would be exploring the possibilities of 3D technology, we were excited about the possibility of creating work that would do justice, both to a great man and to great products. The result is a multimedia online feature, which has already attracted nearly 70,000 views.

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Taking full advantage of celebrity endorsement

The use of well-known people in corporate communications is often, to our mind, an expensive waste of money. But when there’s a real connection between the personality and the product – as in the case of Oscar-winning cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle and Canon’s Cinema EOS camera system – then the endorsement can carry great weight. Especially if you create an opportunity to explore that connection in depth.

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Carpe Diem

Sometimes opportunities present themselves out of the blue. The phone rings and we were given a small window in the busy diary of the great Sebastião Salgado to carry out an interview in Paris – tomorrow! Our team jumped on trains and planes and pulled off a fantastic conversation with the great man. Always ‘seize the moment’.